Representative Office / Branch Office Of Foreign Company in Dubai

A company can create a branch of theirs here in Dubai to conduct its activities. There are two formats of offices here in Dubai that can be created in Dubai. These are the branch offices and the representative offices. Both these offices will be different and in order to get either of this setup in Dubai, a manager has to be appointed and this can be done only with the approval of the Board of Directors.

There are differences in how a branch and a representative office operate in Dubai.

  • A branch office is a branch of the company in the complete sense of the word and is allowed to conduct the business of its parent company.
  • A branch of the company is allowed to enter into contracts and can also conduct business locally
  • A representative office is not able to do the above and only exists to promote the parent company.
  • Special approvals will be required of in some cases from the Ministry of Economy

For you to get a special approval or license from the Ministry of Economy for starting a branch here in Dubai, you will need to appoint a UAE National as an agent or a corporate body composed of UAE nationals. This person will not be having any financial liabilities.

When you want to setup the branch of your company in Dubai, you will need to get all the right details: the trade name, address of the HQ and the country of origin, the legal form, and the nature of the business, name of the agent, names of partner, capital, nationality, and the addresses.

Documents Needed for Initial Approval

  • Application of registration and licensing, and the reserved trade name
  • Director's Passport Copy
  • A no objection letter from the sponsor for the company's agent
  • The agent's passport and UAE Identification
  • The approval from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce
  • The resolution from the board of directors authorizing the branch opening translated into Arabic
  • A power of attorney issued favouring the director
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certification of incorporation copy
  • Approval from the government

Once you receive the Initial Approval, you will need to furnish these documents to get the final one for the company setup in Dubai

Documents Required for the Final Approval

  • Receipt of the Initial Approval
  • Documents submitted for acquiring the initial approval
  • The office lease document as well as the plot number
  • The appoint contract for the agent authenticated by the Notary

What Exsolution can do for you

  • We are able to get the required permissions and approvals from the concerned departments
  • Getting the MOA and preparing the documents that are needed for business setup
  • Getting the right business partner by finding the local service agent
  • Getting the bank account opened
  • Finding the right premises for you