Professional License in Dubai

A professional service company is one which can be owned completely by a foreign national without having any national from the UAE having any involvement in the business or holding shares. Although this doesn't mean that the person is completely out of the picture. In order to setup a professional company setup in Dubai, the local service agent is required, especially when it comes to obtaining the documents such as licenses, immigration, visas, and the labour cards.

Professionals in Dubai cannot be involved in trading, sale or purchase of goods, banking, transport and finance. There are several things that can be done by a professional though. One of the things is that the company can partner with a foreign company and create dealing with them as long as the company is in the same line of business as the one you are engaged in.

There are to be documents which are required for a professional company to get approval in Dubai. These documents are:

  • Application for registration and licensing, as well as the reserved trade name
  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Natural Identification of the Applicant
  • Court Permission to practice business-for those who are under 21
  • Approvals from the government departments for companies that require special approvals

Once you have received the initial approval, you will then have to get documents that will lead to you towards final approval:

  • A copy and receipt of the initial approval
  • The documents submitted for the initial approval
  • The office lease photocopy and the plot number
  • MOA by the Notary Public

Features of a Professional Company Setup in Dubai

  • You will get 100% Ownership
  • A UAE National will be appointed while remaining absent from your business activities
  • An annual amount has to be given to the agent or a turnover of the profits
  • A professional company can only engage in non-commercial activities

How Exsolution Can Help You

The entire process of setting up of your professional company in Dubai can be managed by us:

  • Approvals and Permissions
  • Partnership Agreements and the MOA
  • Trustworthy Local Service Agent
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Suitable Office Premises