Offshore Company Formation in UAE

An offshore company is one which is established outside of the country of residence and is located inside of an Offshore Financial Centre. Offshore companies are conceived because they are inherently providing several tax benefits. Either there is low tax or no tax at all. These companies are imposed restrictions related to the amount of trade that they can do and cannot trade within the offshore jurisdictions. All offshore companies are to follow the offshore company laws and regulations.

Reasons to form an off shore company

  • Confidentiality, Anonymity, and Privacy Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Accountant Costs
  • Able to conduct international business
  • Corporate bank Account
  • Flexible Business Laws and Protection from Lawsuits
  • Financial Diversification

Benefits of an Offshore Company in Dubai

  • 100 % Tax-Free
  • 100 % Ownership
  • 100 % Customs Duty-Free
  • 100 % Repatriation of Profits
  • No Office Space Requirement
  • Bank Account Opening and Maintaining
  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts
  • Quick Incorporation

How to choose an offshore location

When you are planning to choose an offshore jurisdiction for setting up a business, it is important to think about the legal structure of that particular offshore zone, and then you would have to think about the infrastructure facilities offered including telecommunications. There should be an up to date banking structure.

The work ethics and traditions that are prevalent in the region should also be taken into account. There are those which possess a work culture where everything transpires quickly and with prudence. These places have employees who will be a real asset to your business and help you get things done with prudence and diligence.

Another thing to consider is the time zone, and it is often the case that you are going to lose time when you have to communicate with others across the globe.

A place such as the UAE is a tax haven not by design but by nature. They are formed so that people are going to avail the benefits that were already there.

Advantages of an Offshore Company in UAE

  • It gives you a good image to the clients
  • There exists no public register of shareholders and directors.
  • Quick to Incorporate
  • No Capital Gains, Company or Income Tax
  • Simple reporting and regulatory
  • Privacy for Corporate Information
  • Own Investments