Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai UAEFree Zone Company Formation in Dubai UAE

A freezone is a jurisdiction designated specifically so that the company that is setup inside of it can be can completely owned by the foreign entity. Freezones as a separate zone designated for business setup is a prevalent idea in many countries, and it is one which is used in many instances for promoting foreign immigration into the continent and in turn investment. This location offers you complete 100% ownership of the company, no tax and customs privileges that make them the premier destination for foreign companies to come and conduct international organisations.

Free Zone Corporate Entities are Mainly Two:

  • Free Zone Establishment
  • Free Zone Company

An establishment and company are different from each other with respect to the number of shareholders that each of them possesses. An establishment is the one with a single shareholder while a company is similar to an LLC can have from 2 to 50 shareholders in each company.

Each free zone will have different requirements for a company setup. Some of the free zones will ask for a capital share while others won't.

You will own the 100 % of the company and this structure gives you the benefit of having to trade between free zones themselves, and you will be able to import or export goods without having to pay any taxes or customs duties. If you wish to trade with the mainland, you will be levied 5 per cent customs duties, and you won't be able to trade directly but through a distributor or agent.

When you go about trying to choose a freezone, you will have to choose from among them depending on the objectives that you've set for yourselves and the business that you want to setup

Benefits of Business Setup in a Free Zone

  • 100 % Ownership
  • 100 % Tax-Free
  • Import/Export
  • Strategic Locations
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • High-Quality Labour
  • Complete Repatriation of Investments and Profits
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Virtual Office and Warehouse Opening

You will be able to avail these three license types

Commercial License: It covers all kinds of trading activities

Professional License: Covering all professional services, PR, consultancy, and other services

Industrial License: Manufacturing businesses, processing goods, packaging products

What Exsolution can do for You

  • We can give you strategic insights that will help you identify the perfect zone for your business type
  • Get the necessary documents that will help you incorporate
  • Approvals from government and others
  • Bank Account Opening
  • A lot more can be provided through our business consultants