ISO Auditor Training Dubai Checklist

So you want to become an ISO Auditor in Dubai? Don’t assume that this is just a piece of cake. First of all, be certain that this is the job you want to pursue, because this is a specialist job where you will need to avail a multitude of skills. The job requires you to have extensive knowledge of the regulation industries’ practices as well as sharp analytical and communication skills. It will also demand that you be in the field for a long time. You won’t be just an ISO Auditor in Dubai; you will be travelling the world at the client’s request i.e. there won’t quite a lot of time for your family.

ISO Auditing Dubai

ISO Auditing is a varied process consisting of many tasks and activities.

To be an ISO Auditor is to have undergone ISO Internal Auditor training in the field under the guidance of several experienced professional who’ve gathered tutor level experience. They will guide you from the basics of initiating the audit to conducting the audit level follow-up and report. You will also study in depth the concepts about the concepts, principles, terminologies and the benefits of the various management systems that come under the title of ISO. Being an ISO Auditor in Dubai will turn out to be tough because the market for auditors is heating and competition is on the rise and you have to cease the opportunity as it comes along.

ISO Internal Auditor Training in Dubai

ISO Auditor Internal Auditor Training needs guidance from those experienced in the field

An internal audit process is a tough nut to crack, it involves a definite progress from one stage into another, starting from the planning phase which involves looking into the identification, necessary documents, calculating the time frame needed to complete the process, assignment of the team members who will conduct the audit, instructions to the team members as to who will have what duty, and finally the individual duties. Due to the nature of the various industries present in Dubai, every ISO Audit is destined to be different; there it is imperative to receive a comprehensive ISO Auditor training in Dubai.

Now it’s the turn to oversee the actual auditing process, which is preceded by a meeting of the people involved where a discussion of the scope and purpose of the audit is taken into account. When the actual auditing takes place, the checklist previously used will be used as the basis for determining whether the objective data collected is compliant or not. Once the audit is finished, there will be scheduled another meeting where the lead auditors will make comments on the things which did not pass the review and where changes have to be made. The nature of the activities which are non-compliant will be presented in the Corrective Action Request, which the Auditee subsequently will take action if he is satisfied with the evidence provided.

iso auditing process dubai

The Process looks simple enough but it consists of a lot of checking

Then the final stage is to publish the Audit Report, where the important information regarding the audit is shown such as the name of the company, coverage of the audit, time frame, documentation, audit results, general observations and the need for a follow-up audit. Your ISO Auditor Training in Dubai will require you to undergo training in the field and in other companies where you will witness first-hand, these operations happening live, and with the numerous companies popping up in Dubai, you will see the demand for Auditors on the rise, and therefore, training becomes an imperative.

ISO 9001:2008 isn’t the only one standard is out there, there exists the 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, ISO 31000 and ISP 27001. These management systems are very useful for several industries to gain their reputation beyond the rudimentary fashion they started out with. The incessant growth of Dubai into this mega structure of a city is a headache for a lot of people and also a boon for all the aspiring entrepreneurs.

iso audit checklist

After all the work is done, it is up to the ISO Auditor to check the final result.

With your ISO Auditor training in Dubai, you must make sure that you avail every single niche available is sought after during the course, and to ask all pertinent doubts lingering in your mind to the guide. Once you’ve finished with the Auditor training course you will be available for employment, and if, initially, the auditing process doesn’t tickle your fancy quality engineering and quality assurance are viable options for you. Additionally, learning an approach such as Six Sigma will prove to be a great resume builder


The ISO Auditor has to have the conversation with the Auditee about the verdict of the Audit.

The ISO Auditor has to have the conversation with the Auditee about the verdict of the Audit.

There is a great buzz in the scheme of things happening in the world, technology and business are heading towards a clash. Most of the time we are caught unaware of our immediate surrounding before it hits us, and then we have to adapt quickly or perish. Therefore, we need people to with foresight and expertise so that most of us could whether the storm. Getting an ISO Auditor Training in Dubai and passing it means you will be among those who will be trusted to show the way to success and prosperity.

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