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The ISO 27001 Certification is given to those organisations who’ve complied with the quality principles that come under the ISO 27000 family of standards. The purpose of this family of standards is to keep your information secure. All sorts of data can come under the purview of the ISO 27001, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to you from someone else. The ISO 27001 is the most well-known of all the standards in this family, containing all the essential details for the implementation of an information security management system. Although it is ideally suited for companies that deal in information security, almost any company can reap from the many benefits. Check out who are ISO COnsultants

iso 27001The ISO 27001 uses a certain approach to carefully consider those who are worthy to be given a go ahead with the certification. Using a comprehensive top-down approach which is simultaneously risk-based which will ensure an effective audit and evaluation of the information security management system that is in place. This is usually undertaken via a six-part process:

  • Defining Security Policy
  • Defining the scope of the ISMS
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Evaluating the Identified Risks
  • Creating the control objectives and the controls that are to be implemented
  • Preparing a statement of applicability                                                                                   iso 27001 1

The auditing process will further need additional documentation related to the organisation and its structure as well as total cooperation from the employees of all the departments, this is crucial. After an initial investigation into the information security management system, there is to compiled a report which will evaluate how the company performed relative to the quality principles established under the ISO 27001 Standard.

The report is published, and then it is the turn of the iso 27001 2owners of the organisation to meet with the auditor. The auditor will point out the non compliance that they’ve found out during the course of the investigation. Any discrepancies will be resolved through dialogue or there will be another investigation that has to be requested subsequently. This will occur if the auditor finds that there is ample evidence for it.

What sort of benefits can you avail from the ISO 27001 Certification standard? Well for one, being certified with the ISO 27001 ensures that you have a perfect information fortress in place, so that all that confidential and important information regarding your company or about your clients stays safe and secure, and only accessible to those have the necessary authority to do so. This standard will help your company to coordinate all you security options in a holistic manner with every aspect of it being under your control, thus creating a more integrated organisation.

Inside the organisation you will witness a change in the way the mechanism operates. The staff will show more tardiness and function smoothly leading to fewer or no incidents occurring. With responsibilities and roles being more clearly defined and articulate there will be a further reduction in the costs of managing the company. Well, then most importantly, because everything is running so tight, this will naturally result in a greater productivity from the employers in your company as they feel that their work environment is safe and on course towards a brighter future.

There is also the added benefit of being a trustworthy company in the eyes of the customer and prospective client as well as a growiso 27001 3th in your own confidence about the safeguard that the company can instill upon the hordes of sensitive information that are given to you for storage. This will contribute towards an improved image in the marketplace as word about your fail-proof system spreads and more customers and suppliers would want to make a business relationship with you.


The ISO 27001:20ISO 27001 413 is the latest one from ISO 27000 standard, and it upgrades so many aspects of the standard that existed in 2005, making it more receptive of the contemporary trends and values. As the world becomes ever more reliant on information, there is the pressing need to tighten the security of it. With the advent of smart phones and imminently, the smart cities, there is going to be ubiquitous connectivity to everyone and everything for that matter. Therefore, it has more important than ever to be safe about your secrets, to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. With the ISO 27001 Standard being certified to your firm, this will exponentially increase the chances of you succeeding in the business.


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