The ISO 9001:2015 is the latest edition of the popular ISO 9001 Standard, and it is one of the most widely applied standards, where up to 1 million organisations around the world still utilizes the standard as the benchmark of quality and continual improvement. This latest version of the ISO 9001, the ISO 9001:2015, is a change from the old ISO 9001:2008 version, and has made several changes.

Although a great deal of the fundamental challenges is still present, some significant changes have been made into the ISO 9001:2015 version which will make it necessary for the companies to update their quality management system before the old version becomes obsolete in 2018. If you really wanted to know what the new ISO 9001 Standard as to offer over the others, then here are some of the points elucidated:
2015The ISO 9001:2015 eliminates the term “preventive action”: This term “preventive action” was often considered a nuisance to a lot of companies who could not find the things that actually required the said preventive correction because of the ambiguity of the term that left a lot to be interpreted. Instead, the things that were part of the preventive action clause have now been integrated into the overall risk-based thinking.
This makes it easier to implement the actions necessary to prevent risks at the points where it has to. Moreover, unlike the ISO 9001:2008, the new version does not make it seem like you would have to take the action to prevent risk or all else will fail, instead it is possible to not adhere to the point at all and accept the risk as they and not do anything at all.
The ISO 9001:2015 places a great deal of importance on the quality of leaders_inspireleadership: The new ISO 9001: 2015 is a standard that emphasises the importance of leadership in the process of maintaining high-quality management. This is a benefit for the company as now the Top Management which might have only played a lukewarm role in the actual implementation of the standard would now feel like they are indispensable to the ISO 9001 Standard Implementation process and take a more active role in the process. This makes sure that the entire organisation will be directed towards organisational goals as well as objectives.
internal-externalThe ISO 9001:2015 Standard gives the drive for the organisation to focus on things that are both internal and external. There has been a new language installed that will need some familiarizing with to understand, but fortunately for the organisation, the template for this has already been in the standards crucial clauses, what the new concept does articulate the concerns into tangible actions that can be done.
With the new edition of ISO 9001:2015, there is now a means, by which organisations can determine which issues can be considered as the most important and which can be considered as relevant to the organisations’ purpose, and also give them the proper tools and practices that facilitate the process.
The new ISO 9001:2015 standards facilitates companies to take into account everything that could possibly affect how customers receive your products as well as how your supply lines and interests view your company and the chances of how successful they will be when they co-operate with you.
Another thing about the new ISO 9001:2015 management standard is that it isqms-ems-sms extremely well-suited to be integrated with another management standard that can be applied. The ISO 9001:2015 standard will enable you to implement the standard with relative ease because of its streamlined clauses. There is also the fact that a lot of the quality management system clauses can be equally found in all the other management system standards such as the ISO 14001 and the ISO 27001 and this means that you can have an integrated management system that combines all of these standards.
Like the previous standard, the ISO 9001:2015 standards will enable your organisation to have all the advantages of enhanced productivity, growth, reduced waste, increased wages, and greater safety and health for everyone in your company.