Often the prospect of setting up a business in Dubai is itself a turn-off. Of course, people are always attracted by the lure of great prosperity that will follow them after they have ventured to set a business in Dubai, but this is not really a certainty. If it is done with haste, there is going to be an enormous waste, and your sub-standard organisation won’t stand a chance against those with enormous resources and investment capital. Although, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dreams, but instead, you need to lay the right foundations. Now here are some things that you should keep in mind before commencing your business setup in Dubai.

businessKnow the type of business that you want to do: you are in Dubai, and you want to get yourself ahead in the business race, but how are you going to do that when you aren’t even sure what you want to do. The first rule about the business setup in Dubai is to every single inch of what you want to do. This means you will have to do some hard research into your business’ main subject matter to identify all the categories that it falls under, and not to mention identifying the locations where it would thrive the most.



Knowing what type of licenses you require: You will need to know in order to get business licenseyour business going in Dubai, you will have to get yourself licenses or several of them. You can know the type of licenses that you want by knowing the category of business that you would fall under. For example, if you were a retail enterprise, then you would require a commercial license, and if you are a single professional, you will need to operate with a professional license which will cover most professions. In order to get all of this, you will need to go to the proper government authorities.



arabicGet yourself an interpreter: This is only the case if you are unable to speak Arabic yourself. Well, if you happen to be from another country and happen to like what you see in Dubai, you will naturally want to invest in business. Now, because you don’t how to speak the language – Arabic – yourself, you will need to get yourself a translator who will translate the contents of the various documents with clarity.



Know the business ownership pre-requisites: Having a license is a mandatory StartMyOwnBusinessthing, but you will also need to have fulfilled certain pre-conditions. Barring certain free zones, which can grant you complete ownerships of properties, most business areas up for procurement are not available for 100 % ownership. Most of the areas can only be given if you are having a partner, who is a UAE national, and will also have a 51 % percent ownership stake in the company while having no obligations whatsoever to contribute financially.



Hiring Business Setup Services Consultants:  This step should be contemplated business-management-consulting-servicesby default, because by the time you prepare for getting your licenses, you would’ve gauged the extent of work that is required for you to complete everything, and to complete the business setup in Dubai just the way you want with everything in proper order is tall task for a group of individuals. Therefore, hiring another who already has immense experience and quality of service only seems like the right thing to do.


This group of individuals would have the technical know-how, skilled in government negotiations, and would have previous experience of handling such deals under their belts. This would enable them to work under various circumstances as well as be adept at dealing with different scenarios or any obstacle that come in their way. For you to get yourself the business setup in Dubai, getting yourself the services of business setup services consultants will allow you to focus more on the core part of your business and leave the setup to them.