The Jebel Ali Free Zone was setup with the intention of it becoming a coveted destination for international business. Therefore, it is fitted with a multitude of features and incentives for companies to coalesce into the area: a strategic location, state of the art infrastructure, and logistical framework. Furthermore, Jebel Ali allows is one of the world’s best service driven and customer centric locations, where one is extricated from the vexing government restrictions, and brings about an environment that is perfect for structured growth. This is the perfect location if you were planning for a company setup in Dubai. Jebel Ali holds the distinction of being the first Free Zone to be ISO Certified, which it got in 1996.


The Free Zone is located halfway between the major routes connecting Europe, Africa and Asia and thereby it provides all its clients with access to a customer base of 2 million people. From this location, all the major business destination in the GCC, UAE and the Middle East are mere hours away. From its humble origins from 19 members, it is now home to more than 7000 companies’ from over 110 countries.

The location of the free zone, a mere 45 minutes’ drive away from the Dubai International Airport, and located right next to the Jebel Ali Port, the free zone is perfect to gives its occupants access to people in the rest of Asia, South Asia, Africa, Singapore and other locations. Moreover, it is well connected to land through modern highways, and therefore is perfect for company setup in Dubai.

The companies that are here in the Free Zone today, 40 % of them are from locations in the U.S., Europe and the Far East. All these western companies are here because of the range of facilities that are offered here in the Free Zone such as the modern warehouses which are pre-built, office spaces of various sizes to accommodate myriad companies, and with extensive plots of land reserved for companies who would want to setup their HQ or Manufacturing Company in Dubai.

Apart from these benefits, with a Jebel Ali Free Zone Company Setup in Dubai, you’ll have these more benefits:

  • 100 % Repatriation of Capital
  • 100 % Foreign Ownership
  • No currency restrictions
  • No personal Income Taxes
  • No corporate taxes
  • Abundant Energy
  • No Restriction on Hiring Foreign Employees

It is worthy to notice that the Jebel Ali Free Zone contributes a sizable amount of the total GDP of Dubai, and this is an indicator of the prosperity of this region. Therefore, when you want to choose a location for company setup in Dubai, there is perhaps no better location than the Jebel Ali Free Zone.