Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai is the authority that issues all licences for companies intending to operate outside the Free Zones i.e. within the Dubai Mainland. The Dubai DED constantly updates its rules and acts a single service window for all types of licenses and registrations in the Mainland. There are several business activities which can be performed under various licenses i.e. Industrial, Commercial and Professional. In most cases Company incorporation in Dubai mainland requires a local sponsor. Legal business structures in Dubai Mainland.

Individual Establishment can be formed by a sole proprietor and the proprietor shall be responsible for all its financial liabilities.

Civil Companies: Under a civil Company, a specific profession is chosen and all partners of the Company depend on that particular activity for its earnings and the activity concentrates on intellectual faculties rather than speculation on materials.

General Guidelines to be Considered Before Setting up Mainland Company inĀ UAE

  • Relevant business licenses are to be obtained: commercial license or professional License
  • There can be minimumĀ 1 director at a maximum to be defined by owners in the Mainland Company
  • Usage of Religious words and certain words like UAE, Dubai is prohibited
  • It turns out to be a mandate for a shareholder to be present in the UAE at least once while getting the initial approval.

The Benefits of Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

  • Those who setup a company in the mainland will be completely exempt from the corporate tax.
  • It is possible to operate the company from anywhere in the UAE
  • There are no capital requirements for a mainland license.
  • There will be no currency restrictions
  • Employment Visas will be easily processed by a mainland company
  • There will be complete repatriation of profits and capital
  • There are no audit requirements