The International Organization for Standardization, develop and publish International Standards. ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 165 national standard bodies. Exsolution (Excellent Solution) provides the most comprehensive ISO consultancy services in UAE, catering to a wide range of companies and professionals.

The United Arab Emirates emerged as business region with a vibrant free economy. UAE has solid infrastructure, the Government has invested heavily in infrastructure development, which has opened up its utilities and other infrastructure to greater private sector involvement also. Dubai is an ideal place to expand your business. It is the most cosmopolitan city in all of UAE. We provide you with ISO Consultancy Services, ISO Training, and Business Setup Services in Dubai and the Emirates. There is a great competition all over the especially Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. So to create your own identity and to go ahead of your competitors, ISO Certification is act as a key to your success. Let’s get to know what the procedures for  ISO Consultancy Services.


Our ISO Consultants in Dubai, UAE will first arrive at your location armed with their extensive knowledge of the various ISO Standards and will guide you towards creating the ideal management system. Their insights and knowledge will help you with every single aspect of creating the management system in compliance with the principles of the standard. The perfect system for consultancy will be holistic and all-inclusive, and you will have a perfect system once our consultants in Dubai, UAE come over to your organization and make the necessary changes.


One of the basic documentation that you must have for you to get ISO Certification is the Quality Manual. Without the quality manual, your efforts will all be in vain. This step is a basic one that will have strong repercussions. Without a proper quality manual by your side, your implementation would be misdirected and consequently, you would end up with a standard management system. Once the Quality Manual has been carefully drafted and consummated, you can begin the implementation.


Once the management system has been conceived, it has to implement successfully. This entails the creation of controls and several changes in the structure of the organization. Once it has been implemented, we will be there to oversee preparations for the audit.


Once system has implemented it has to go through verification process. Before you go for the audit, you need to prepare by having mock audits of your and testing the newly implemented management system of the ISO Standard. A company should  ideally have 2 or 3 months of experience in testing out before they should go and have the certification audit if they want to get a clear picture of how the new system works. Just a few weeks before the actual date of the audit, it would help you a lot if you were to get a final internal audit and management review. Our ISO Consultancy Services will have our expert ISO Consultants being there to assist you during the audit process.

Post Certification

Once you have successfully received the ISO Certification, we will be there to keep you up to date with all new developments in the ISO Standard. This is called the continual improvement process, and this is where the success of the management system realised.

This is how we go about our service and as you can clearly see, we are holistic, and we have covered every aspect about an ISO Certification Process, and this is one where you can be rest assured about whether or not you will get a certification for you company in Dubai, UAE or Sharjah, for we are considering the company first.

Though what you have read comprises the gist of the process, you will see that it is in the finer details of the process where the magic works. We only operate with the updated version of the standard for you, and we have studied the clauses inside of every standard to its core, and we have made the perfect blueprint for all consultancy calls that we receive.

ISO Consultancy Services in UAE


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