ISO Certification in Dubai

ISO Certification in Dubai

Dubai is considered as one of the most enormous places to set up your company in the globe. From scrutiny, Dubai has nearly everything an investor could look for before starting a company in UAE. Right from superb infrastructure, sunny climate, world-class services, beautiful buildings, and advanced technology features Dubai in the high rank of the business world.

In Dubai, with an amazing infrastructure, technology, and good ambiance for investing, it will be easy for your business to be known worldwide, and the remarkable services in UAE permit you to market your company effectively. Along with the favourable market condition, ISO Certification in Dubai will provide a progressive result in business.

Exsolution Group focus on policy structuring, planning, implementation, operational standards, improvement and management reviews as well as other tasks related to international standards and benchmarks, not only offering valuable insights and support to  those who aim to obtain ISO certification, but also to those businesses who strive o maintain their status and excellence standards.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification refers to International Organization for Standardisation. It is a self-governing organization that delivers standards in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency of products and services provided by businesses.

Cost involved in the ISO Certification Process

Cost for getting ISO certification is not fixed and varies from organization to organization. The ISO certification agency calculates the cost of ISO certification separately for each organization after considering them on different parameters such as-

  • Number of employees
  • Number of Processes
  • Level of risk associated with the scope of services of the organisation
  • Complexity of the management system
  • The number of working shifts etc.

Time involved in the ISO Certification Process

Time taken in completing the whole process of ISO certification also varies from organization to organization. The fair idea can be given by the ISO certification agency after assessing the size of the company. Generally, the time required to complete the process of ISO certification is approximate :

  • Small organisations: 6-8 months
  • Medium organisations: 8-12 months
  • Large organisation: 12-15 months

We have been operating for quite some time, and this has allowed us to obtain tremendous experience during our years of existence. Our consultants are well  versed in all the ISO Standards and will provide you with insight into all aspects of the process.

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