ISO certification plays an important role in building a good reputation for goods and services. ISO certification can increase the brand value of the organization and hence we should never underestimate ISO certifications. When you go and try to select the right ISO Certification Bodies so that you are able to get the perfect Auditing treatment, there are several things that you should keep in mind before you choose the one that will eventually serve the auditing. IT must be understood that all ISO Certification Bodies in UAE are not equal, they are different and each one of them will have unique properties that make them either compatible or incompatible. When you come up with a list of ISO Certification Bodies or Registrars, here are some things that you should keep in mind. When you are planning to go for ISO Certification Bodies, you must notice that there are companies out there that are feigning as legit ISO Certification bodies but are not. For every country, there are accreditation bodies that oversee the accreditation process that will legitimize these ISO Certification bodies. For the UAE, this body is the RAB which has several tests that act as pre-requisites that each auditor must go through so that they are qualified for being an ISO Auditor.

When you have customers out there who are not just restricted to the country that you are operating in. If you happen to have customers who are outside the country then you might need to ensure that the ISO Certification Body that you are letting audit you is actually one which has international recognition. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is a number of years that they have worked in the industry. Every ISO Auditor needs to be certified to be qualified as a lead auditor for the standard that they wish to be associated with. However, this does not mean that every single ISO Auditor is right for the job because they would have been specialized in different industries, and when you hire someone arbitrarily, then that person would’ve to learn your industry and the business process that will cause delay. Also, it might be good to consider certification bodies that are of the same size as you, and this will make it possible for you to have more synchronous auditing experience, as it is usually that certification bodies that are either smaller or larger than yours can be hard to work with. When taking into consideration selecting these certification bodies, if the resumes of Auditors are supplied then
that is a sign that the company is good.

How to Select the Right Auditors

There are mainly two kinds of auditors that are working for certification bodies in the UAE. One of the kind of auditors that are performing enlistment reviews. The other is the kind of auditor which does the Internal Auditing of an organization. There are several examinations that these auditors had been subjected before they could become auditors, and besides this, you need to make sure that these auditors have these particular aspects about them:

  • Years of experience as an auditor.
  •  Senior Auditor Status Accredited by the RAB/QSA\
  •  The years that they have worked in your industry
  • Educational Base
  • The references of quality When you examine that person and their skill sets, make sure they have at least done these things or have experience in:
  •  Issuing audit quotes and invoices
  •  Providing Auditing Schedules
  •  Conducting Interviews with key staff
  •  Preparation of Audit Report

Moreover, an ISO Certification Body should have a reputation that precedes it. The kind of reputation that it has also mattered, for if they are having a bad reputation, then it might not be good to avoid them altogether and not risk your reputation as well. The ISO Certification Body in the UAE that you will choose eventually should be a company that is compatible with the business that you are in (your industry) and should have the right amount of expertise and knowledge about the various subtleties of the Certification process so that the Auditor will not only help you get certified but will keep you posted with the necessary the feedback that will let you improve your business even further.