ISO Certification Bodies In Dubai

Selection of bodies for ISO Certification

There are several things that you should bear in mind while selecting an ISO Certification Body for your organization. The agencies for ISO certification are varied and qualified in several aspects. One may be compatible for a particular certification, but may incompatible for others.

The following aspects should be kept in mind when you select the ISO certification body:


When you want to consider ISO Certification Bodies, you must remember that there are companies claiming to be ISO Certification bodies, but are not. In UAE ISO Certification body is the RAB which has several tests that act as pre-requisites that each auditor must go through to be qualified as an ISO Auditor. If a customer is abroad, then the agency used should have an international recognition.


Another Quality is the experience of the company and the type of industries they have worked in the industry. Every ISO Auditor needs to be certified to be qualified as a lead auditor for the standard that they wish to be associated with. You should look for an agency that has previous work experience similar to your company, and even you have to evaluate the size of the company.

How to Select the Right Auditors

One group of auditors are performing enlistment reviews. Other group is auditor who does the Internal Auditing of an organization. Qualified Auditor should have:

  • Years of experience as an auditor.
  • Senior Auditor to be Accredited by the RAB/QSA
  • Work experience in similar industry
  • The references of quality
  • Ability for conducting Interviews with key staff
  • Preparation of Audit Report