ISO 9001 is an international standard certification. In ISO family there are several standard documents. There are various versions of ISO 9001 – 20008. ISO certification should be given importance in every company. This standard emphasizes on customer satisfaction for various business. The customer satisfaction process involves setting objectives & action taken towards product/ service quality, Corrective & preventive action for customer complaints. The ISO 9001 certification audit emphasize on certain factors like, How a particular business is done, how to inspect your product / service and what details should be prepared by written document..

ISO 9001 :1994, It had mainly 3 types

ISO 9001:1994 – Design & Development

ISO 9002:1994 – Production & Installation

ISO 9003:1994 – Final inspection and test

it was changed to different version later and then again it got changed to ISO 9001:2015.