How to get?

The preparation for an ISO Audit so that you can get ISO 9001 Certified in UAE, you’ll require quite a lot of documents, and with the recent update that has been revised in 2015, a lot of different requirements have been specified. The earlier versions of the ISO 9001 certification in Dubai gave too much importance on getting the documents prepared on time and as well stacking them up on heaps. Instead, the new revision of the ISO 9001 has put the importance of getting the management to assume better leadership and to take into account both the internal and external factors.

The first thing that you have to do is to select the registrar or the certification company that is eventually going to come and do the auditing for you. There have been several certification bodies out there in Dubai, but you should choose the right ones based on whether they are right for your industry. If you were to select a registrar who was specializing in an industry that you were not part of, then the chances are, you would not get the ISO 9001 Certified because of the incompatibility between your organisation and the registrar.

After having provided the documentation, you need to get the right implementation plan out. The implementation plan has to be inclusive where you would have to include your management team to actively participate in the transition into an ISO 9001 Certified company. The involvement of the management will provide reassurance to the other employees that their jobs are not threatened with the implementation of the new ISO 9001 Standard in Dubai.

When implementing, the specifications in the quality manual regarding the instructions that are to be followed will need to be relayed to everyone in the company. Similarly, the business process will itself have to be revamped in accordance your own customized quality manual, and the clauses of the ISO 9001 Standard. The implementation process will not be completed until you check the efficiency of the newly implemented system.

This process is usually done in the form of Internal Audits. These can be conducted by informed members of your own management who are well-versed with the ISO 9001 Standard, but you have to make that they don’t audit their own department. Usually, the Internal Audit is done when you have a considerable amount of time left before the actual audit. This gives you time to conduct another audit if you find some inconsistencies in the newly implement a quality management system. You can even use audits for every single department and find out whether the new system is compliant enough to get ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai.

The last process in getting an ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai is the certification itself. This is where you use the third-party registrar which you have selected from the certification body that is extremely specialized in your industry. The certification audit resembles your internal audit to quite an extent. The auditor would come to you and check randomly the departments and ask them questions pertaining to their department and ISO 9001 Standard. They are going to check whether the system is working in compliance with the ISO 9001 Standard and then they will prepare their report to send it to the registrar. If any discrepancies are found, then it can be resolved with the help of the auditor.

The registrar will assess the documentation of the audit and once the discrepancies have been resolved, the body will decide whether to award the certification or not. If so, you’ll get the ISO 9001 Certificate will be sent to you. The auditor will also return to your organisation to set up the continual improvement system including the surveillance audits.