ISO 27001 Information Security Management systems is the international best practice standard for information security. ISO 27001:2013, the current version of the standard, provides a set of standardized requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). ISO 27001 certification is suitable for any organization, large or small and in any sector.

Dubai is considered by many to be the financial capital of the UAE. In fact, even the Middle East. It is a city where big dreams can turn into lucrative realities for many companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. The ISO 27001:2013 Certification in UAE, Dubai helps small, medium and large business in any sector to keep information assets secure by complying to the requirements of the Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard Certification makes it possible for you to protect all the confidential information inside of your smart phones and your computers. The best protection mechanism for the information age, the ISO 27001 has created fundamental framework which has led many organisations to flourish without ever having to worry about their precious data being stolen.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

  • Information Sealed Tight and Accessible to only select individuals
  • More staff morale and productivity as security will provide a conducive atmosphere.
  • You can gain stakeholder and customer trust by demonstrating compliance.
  • The ISO 27001 Certification ensures that your suppliers are satisfied.
  • It will increase your reputation and create a positive image.

How does ISO 27001:2018 certification help organisation?

  • Independently verifies the organizational security risks are properly identified, assessed and managed
  • Demonstrates the independent assurance of your internal controls and meets corporate governance and business continuity requirements
  • Implement a robust system to manage information within an organization and protect information
  • Demonstrate applicable laws and regulations are compiled
  • Higher revenue and customer satisfaction through increased trust.
  • Proves your top management commitment to the security of information held by the organization
  • Enabling information security policies, effective information security, resource security, Asset Management, Access control policies, Cryptography, physical and environmental security, operational security, Communication security, system acquisition, development and maintenance, supplier relationships, security incident management, compliance management and implementing information security aspects of business continuity management helps organizations to improve the overall information security of the business and increased confidence among stakeholders.

Exsolution Group focus on policy structuring, planning, implementation, operational standards, improvement and management reviews as well as other tasks related to international standards and benchmarks, not only offering valuable insights and support to those who aim to obtain ISO 27001 certification, but also to those businesses who strive to maintain their status and excellence standards.

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