It is a misconception that cybersecurity is all about the technology, but it is not the case. It is a holistic effort. Yes, technology is a humongous part of cybersecurity, but technology won’t be able to run without specific instruction from human personnel and a system that facilitate that protection. Cybersecurity is something that composed of a combination of people, processes and technology. When this is installed in such a systematic way, there will be a reduced risk of cyber-attacks that occurs through an exploitation of network, systems and technologies.  ISO 27001 is an Information Security Management System that is built on these three things:  technology, people and processes.

iso 27001


When it comes to the ‘people’ aspect of the Trinity, there is one thing that must be clear to everyone involved which is that everyone should know what their roles in protecting data is; whether they are supposed to be handling sensitive data or spotting phishing emails. It is good for these people to undergo a security awareness programme which will help them reduce the impact.

There are people who are specialised for these kinds of roles – cybersecurity specialists who are specialised professionals certified and have skills and qualification that make them adept at implementing cybersecurity. It is important for you to make sure that such people who you hire are people who are up to date with the latest innovations in cyber security which subsequently will increase your company’s ability to prevent or mitigate a cyber-security threat.


These are series of steps that are all directed towards achieving a goal, and in this case, that goal is to implement an effective cybersecurity system. When the processes are clear, it helps the company to define how the company function to make sure that it is safe- the activities of each individual, the roles that they play and the documentation that is produced. All of this combines helps to mitigate the risks that organisation faces when handling such sensitive information. These processes need to be continuously updated and reviewed or else they run the risk of becoming obsolete. But perhaps the most important thing is that people follow them precisely.


Technology is massively important to cybersecurity; in fact, it is the crux of it. You will identify the kinds of cybersecurity threats that you will face during the course of your business, and once this is done, you will be able to select the kind of technology that you should implement and where to implement and all the other finer details. Technology utilised should always be the ones that are state of the art and one which is new, so that there is a greater chance at preventing any potential cyber-security treat – which is, in fact, arising each day.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 is the most coveted of all Information Security Management Systems and is the standard upon which everything else is measured. When you have embedded an ISO 27001 ISMS in your business, then you are doing the best thing you can to safeguard your business from cybersecurity.

The ISO 27001 is growing rapidly across the globe, and it is always being fitted newer clauses as the times change. This means that business who are already using it are getting themselves better at dealing with cybersecurity which in fact turns their competitors to jump on the bandwagon as well.