ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 was designed as an accessible, globally accepted standard, and is applicable to organisations of all sizes involved in any aspect of the food supply chain. The standard covers the key components for ensuring food safety including interactive communication, system management, implementation of prerequisite programmes and the continual review and improvement of the system.

ISO 22000 is an internationally recognised standard that combines the ISO 9001 approach to food safety management and HACCP for the assurance of food safety at all levels. The standard maps out how an organisation can demonstrate its ability to control safety hazards to ensure that food   is safe.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

By becoming ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

By becoming ISO 22000 certified you will be able to:

  •  Increase the profits
  • Control and eliminate food safety risks
  • Continually improve the processes needed to provide safe food
  • Built customers confidence on your ability to control any food safety hazards
  • Ensure sustainable food safety
  • Promote international trade

FSMS ISO 22000 2018 version was published on June 19 2018, and is an international standard for Food Safety Management System. ISO 22000 2018 follows High Level Structure (HLS) structure similar to other risk based ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, Now it will be easier to integrate with other management systems.

Key Changes in ISO 22000 2018

  • HLS (High Level Structure) The 2018 version of ISO 22000 follows High Level Structure (HLS) structure similar to other risk based ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Risk Based Approach The 2018 version of ISO 22000 will now include a different approach to understand risk.
  • PDCA Cycle The 2018 version of ISO 22000 clarifies the PDCA Cycle, by having two separate cycles in the standard working together, one covering management system and the other one covering principles of HACCP.
  • The Operation Process A clear description is provided of the differences between key terms such as CCPs, OPRPs, PRPs.

Transition to ISO 22000 2018

29 June 2021. a 3 year transition period is given for the transitioning from ISO 22000:2015 to ISO 22000:2018 from its publication date. During this period both ISO 22000:2015 and the revised version ISO 22000:2018 will co-exist.

The ISO 22000 is also perfect for companies who are seeking to integrate their food safety management system with the quality management system of the ISO 9001 Standards. Receiving an ISO 22000 Certification is not necessarily a cinch, in addition to conforming to the HACCP; you will need to have certain prerequisite measures to taken and documents to be assimilated.

We as ISO Consultants for the ISO 22000 FMS will be bringing into the table years of experience, and will device comprehensive strategies to imbue your organisation with the complete skill set, and also for bringing it up to speed so as to comply with all the HACCP Principles and the Food Safety Management System standards. When you are certified with the ISO 22000 FMS, your conscience will be clear and the customers will absolutely be satisfied.

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