UAE emerged as a business region with a vibrant free economy. UAE offer a comprehensive suite of Consulting, Training and Implementation services across organizations in the Dubai, UAE and the world. ISO 17025 is an international standard that specifies the requirements of testing and calibration of laboratory. ISO/IEC 17025 is the Laboratory Management System that specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests or calibrations, including sampling.

ISO 17025 standard allows laboratories to implement an effective quality management system and demonstrate that they are technically proficient and able to produce valid and consistent results. Laboratory customers, regulatory authorities and ISO certification bodies may also use IEC 17025 certification standard in confirming or recognizing the competence.

What is ISO 17025 certification?

ISO 17025 certification is the most expensive ISO standard to ensure testing and calibration of laboratories. ISO 17025 certification in Dubai not just certifies the management system used, yet additionally the specialized capability of the laboratories. In many countries, providers and regulatory authorities will not acknowledge test or calibration results from a lab that is not ISO 17025 certified.

ISO 17025 Certification

ISO 17025 certification is a mandatory certification in Dubai to undergo any government orders in the laboratory sectors. ISO 17025 certification provides assurance to all types of customers. The certification will help to increase the reputation of  the company as well as increases the popularity of the brand name.

ISO 17025 certification services in Abu Dhabi have huge requirements to get ISO 17025 in laboratory sector irrespective of size, type and turnover. ISO certification in Dubai helps your laboratory to figure out the risks involved in ISO 17025 certification process. Post assessing the risks will reduce the risks and can improvise the migration plan which makes your ISO 17025 certification process quality oriented.

Merits of ISO 17025 certification in Dubai :

Among the best standard for continuous improvement And also self-correction is ISO/IEC 17025 normal along with the labs that are involved in testing and calibration experiencing 17025 requirements has a lot of benefits now let us see a number of them:
· It improves the reliability of the evaluation reports and results which are generated by the laboratory

  • It provides an effective and efficient management platform for all the processes and ensures adequate documentation
  • A successful workforce management system would be ensured by conserving precious money and time and that is done by undergoing the needs of 17025 standard
  • The lapse, which can be well maintained, will guarantee that the proper and validity testing and calibration of the equipment.
  • There would be confidence and awareness of quality in the evaluation and calibrated results and reports
  • By providing precise results the labs can gain a strong competitive edge and can reduce the customer complaints
  • It aids the labs to specify policies, activities and objectives to have a strategic goal for a company. The standard creates a proactive risk established quality and business culture
  • By using the Most Recent documentation, technology Testing, and calibration techniques have to be assessed and trustworthy and ISO/IEC 17025 guarantees the credibility of the laboratories can achieve this.

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