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ISO/IEC 17021 is a standard that was made for surveying certification bodies to guarantee that they are capable and that they adjust to a wide range of the board frameworks. These associations are generally called Certification Bodies (CBs). Another rendition of ISO/IEC 17021 was distributed in 2015. The standard helps guarantee that CBs are impartial and that the results of their audit are reliable.

The first ISO/IEC 17021 was distributed in 2006. As per this first publication, accredited IAF MLA the management system certification bodies were given two years from the principal date of production to comply with the norm. In 2011, there was a correction that was centered around competence, and all CB were given two years to conform to the new standard.

ISO/IEC 17021 Accreditation Certification

The ISO/IEC 17021 Certificate is issued by accreditation body, which is authorized to provide accreditation under the ISO/IEC 17021. The ISO 17021 certificate is issued for the specific period after successful completion of registration (final) assessment. Surveillance audits are conducted by the accreditation body after one year.

ISO/IEC 17021 is an accreditation, which is granted to the certification bodies by approved accreditation body. It is an accreditation not certification like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other system certifications.

Steps involved in ISO/IEC 17021 Accreditation

Exsolution Group has a vast experience for providing ISO 17021 consultancy in regards to the implementation and certification of ISO/IEC 17021 for all types of system certification like QMS, EMS, ISMS, EnMS, etc.

Thorough micro-level survey across all inspection parameter of the certifying bodies which cascades into a detailed gap analysis report,

  • Preparation of applicable documents as required for ISO/IEC 17021:2012, based on detailed study of all activities of the inspection bodies, such as;
  • ISO 17021 Quality Manual,
  • Quality Procedures for ISO/IEC 17021 accreditation (mandatory procedures required by the standard),
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for certification of various activities management system used in the certification,
  • Formats to establish the objective evidence of implementation and to ensure control over all the management system,
  • Preparation of Quality Assurance Plan for maintaining and assuring quality of services provided to its customers,
  • Training for ISO 17020 across all levels of employees within the inspection bodies,
  • Assistance in effective implementation of system through periodic site visit till accreditation,
  • Conducting internal audit for ISO 17020 system to gauge preparation and readiness for the accreditation,

We have been operating for quite some time, and this has allowed us to obtain tremendous experience during our years of existence. Our Consultants are well versed in all the ISO Standards and will provide you with insight into all aspects of the process.

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