The ISO 14001 is a standard developed by the International organisation for Standardization so as to give corporations and other organisations a system the Environmental Management System – that will enable them to produce their commodities and dispense of their services without harming the environment in the process.

Benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

  • Increases leadership involvement and employee engagement
  • Improves companies’ reputation and confidence with the stakeholders
  • Environmental Aims are integrated with Business Management
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs make it possible for a competitive and financial advantage.
  • Environmental Performance of the Supplier is increased.

The multiple benefits of ISO 14001

ISO 14001 Standards – Environmental Benefits of Certification

From a business point of view, ISO 14001 has many benefits. As it gradually becoming an essential business norm, particularly for public markets and for large European organizations and businesses, it is turning into a key to access certain markets and to get and/or keep contracts.

On the other hand, ISO 14001 is an effective management system that helps reduce costs on several levels like energy bills, waste management, raw materials, and logistics. As a result companies setting up an environmental management system using the ISO 14001 standards are able to save money on these items. Besides this, implementing the ISO 14001 has also the potential to increase leadership involvement the engagement of employees and furthermore increase teamwork and the chances for internal innovation within the products or services themselves. Therefore, the ISO 14001 standards seems to be good for business, making companies more competitive and improving their financial performances.

Exsolution consultants have had years of experience in guiding several organisation in their efforts to get an ISO 14001 Certification, and have demonstrated their ingenuity in making any organisation, in spite of the context, to revamp the business processes to conform to the highest standards, and consequentially acquire an ISO 14001 EMS Certification with relative ease.