In order to implement a 27001 Certification Standard, you will need to be having more than just the documentation that was cooked just a few days before. You will need to implement a series of activities that were described in your document. Once that has been done, you will need to implement another series of steps during the final phase of the project.

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The ISO 27001 Certification Process

The ISO 27001 certification process is itself divided into 2 stages. There is Stage 1 and Stage 2.

In Stage 1, the compliance of the document to the clauses of the ISO 27001 standard is checked.

In Stage 2, the auditor performs the audit and checks whether all the activities are compliant with both the ISO 27001 and the documentation.

This stresses the importance of how much you need to be perfect when writing the document according to the clauses of the ISO 27001 Standard. It also stresses the importance of implementing the information security system in your company.

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Steps That One Should Take

After all, the proper documentation has been prepared and the implementation of the new business processes have been implemented, then you will need to perform these tasks before you can go about for the actual audit.

  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions

The purpose of an internal audit is to get an independent auditor to come around and do the auditing and check whether the Information Security System is working properly.

The Management review is a process where the management takes into account all the relevant facts about an information security and make the appropriate decisions.

The company then takes into all the faults and problems that were found out during the internal audit and the management review and take steps to resolve. These are called corrective actions, and these should be taken so that when the time for an audit comes, you won’t have any failures occurring.

Once all of this has been done, you would want to go over everything again, double check it, so that you know that everything is in order before the actual audit happens. This double check will ensure that every employee will know their task and specialities when the actual audit happens.