There are several ways you can about getting your ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai. One of these ways is for you do the documentation process yourself without any help from others, although this will be a tremendous process that will require patience and time. You will literally have to churn out hundreds of papers in the documentation, but the upside is that you will be in control as there is no one better to know about your business than you and there will be no cost.

Of course, then you could spend a little money get the best documentation templates as well as training programs that will help everyone in the company cope better with the ISO 9001 Certification. You will get the best Quality Management System that will save enormous a time and all vexes and frustrations that would arise if you were undertake the process yourself.

There is the option of hiring ISO consultants to do the job for you, who are the foremost experts when it comes to implementing ISO Certification in all companies. Their expertise would often cost quite a lot, though, but for their services to you, you will be getting the best possible QMS that will comprehensively change the entire business process and make it ready for the transition to ISO 9001 Certified company.

When you want to get a registrar to come around and approve your company, then you should have to incur some costs to pay for their services. The price that you need to pay will depend upon the size and the complexity of your company. When you go and hire a registrar who is not from your locality, then you will have to give travel and accommodation costs in addition to the costs for the days that the audit will take place. Furthermore, there will accreditation costs and administrative ones. Here are some of the costs or fees that you will have to pay the registrar:

  • The Fees of the Auditor
  • The Travel and Living
  • The Application
  • The registration
  • The initial Assessment
  • Certification Audit
  • Surveillance Audit
  • Reassessments

The second types of costs that you will incur will be the internal costs. These are the costs that will be incurred when your employees and staff take time and spent resources to adapt to the changes. The costs that will be incurred during the internal process will depend upon all the activities that are done during this time:

To learn and understand ISO 9001

  • GAP Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Employee Training
  • QMS Documentation
  • QMS Implementation
  • QMS Auditing
  • Registration
  • Interview

Out of all the options, if you want to get the best out of the Quality Management System of ISO 9001, then it is advised that you go for ISO Consultants in Dubai, who are the foremost authorities when it comes to ISO Certification in Dubai. These ISO Consultants were chosen on the basis of their pedigree, their experience and their training.

To find the best ISO Consultants and the costs for hiring them, then you would have to consider the fact that there are so many different ISO Certification Companies out there who all different packages for the services that they are willing to offer. To choose from among them is a tall order, but you should choose the ones who are specialised in the industry.

Though all ISO Consultants are adept most industries, there are some of them who are especially good with the certain industries. It might cost you a little but more to get these ISO Consultants but you would be getting the best of the best to come and do the most excellent job for you that will guarantee the ISO 9001 Certification.