For an organisation to prosper, it needs to convince its customer base to purchase its products, and perhaps the most effective way of doing that is by showing the quality of the product, which will instill confidence in the customer. The quality of the product, almost all consumers will deduce, is dependent on the quality of the individual gears of the manufacturing organisation and is the sum total of all of these working in tandem. An informed consumer will have to be satisfied with the all the key aspects of a business – processes, procedures, functionalities, quality assurance systems, and the end product. If all these have adhered to quality, the consumer will put full faith in the company, and thereby increase profit and prosperity.


Then there must be a process by which you can inquire about the customers’ satisfaction, well; there isn’t. You cannot call every single customer and try to explain how your production occurs, and how it affects the end product. Indeed, this is practically impossible, and even more so vice-versa where customers have to visit your business organisation and see for themselves the quality of the product and processes involved in it. Therefore, experts from around the world have convened together to form the International Organisation for Standardisation who issue standards that are comprised of the highest pre-requisite for quality.


Here, we will demonstrate how the standard benefits the organisation by taking the example of a company.

Candy Cereal Corporation is a manufacturer supplying the world’s best variant of candy cereals. These manufacturers are well aware of the consumerist paradigm that is buying the highest quality product at the cheapest possible price.

As an organisation working in a country, they will have to abide by the laws of the land and ensure that there is absolutely harm done to the environment by the processes that they use for producing the Cereals. This is a requirement of not only the government of that region but also that of the consumers who are expecting the best products.

To comply with all the expectations and legislations, the company must change almost all of its processes. Therefore, it will require the framework that an ISO 14001 standard offers to those who want to get certified by it. This is the power of the ISO 14001, which is the way they can get the best out of their business process. In order for this company to get certified, there will need to get everything correct and perfect according to the clauses inside the standard stipulate.

The ISO 14001 has become a most respected standard that is sought after several companies across the globe. The standard needs to be abided by stringently and with continual improvement and only then can they see any real change in the customer confidence, but as long as they are having the ISO Hallmark, they will definitely get a significant reputation boost.

iso 14001 2


How to get ISO Certification

But now the questions remain as to the way which they can get the certification, now that they know the effects of the standard on the consumer. The best way to ensure a successful ISO 14001 Certification is to call upon the services of the people at various ISO certifications Consultancy services that are experts in the standard and have done it before to multiple companies.

Once they have successfully received an ISO 14001 Certification, they will be able to get their business going multi-fold, and with a greater customer base than before. The effect is on the mind of the customer, who is aware of the fact that there is no hallmark of quality bigger than ISO, and a company that continually keeps it will be the consumer’s preferred choice.