Become ISO Certified in Dubai is an inevitable industrial practice standard. Exsolution Group always strive to get ISO certified in Dubai at the very first attempt. Dubai is one of the international business centers. It is as part of UAE. Dubai is a major business hub that is now competing against other renowned established business centers in the world.

What is ISO certification?

As it relates to ISO, certification is a certifying body’s assurance that a service, product or system meets the requirements of the standard. While ISO develops the standards, third-party certification bodies certify conformity with those standards.

According to the ISO, the phrase “ISO certification” should never be used to indicate that a product or system has been certified by a certification body as conforming to an ISO standard. Instead, ISO suggests referring to certified products or systems using the full identification of the ISO standard.

For example, instead of “ISO certified”, ISO recommends using the phrase “ISO 9001:2015 certified.” This fully identifies the standard being certified, including the version – in this case, the version of ISO 9001 released in 2015.

While ISO does not do certifications, its Committee on Conformity Assessment works on standards related to the certification process.

ISO Certification in UAE

We have a general mechanism that takes into account every single aspect of an ISO Certification Process. With our consultants, you will be able to get a certification in no time though our process doesn’t end there. Indeed, we will be able to give you pertinent advice on how to handle the management system implemented post certifications as well. Our group of consultants has tremendous experience from working in the field and will impart their rich knowledge at every stage.

Consultancy Services in Dubai

Our ISO Consultants in Dubai, UAE will first arrive at your location armed with their extensive knowledge of the various ISO Standards and will guide you towards creating the ideal management  system. Their insights and knowledge will help you with every single aspect of creating the management system in compliance with the principles of the standard. The perfect system for consultancy will be holistic and all-inclusive, and you will have a perfect system once our consultants in Dubai, UAE come over to your organisation and make the necessary changes.


Once the management system has been conceived, we will be there to give the proper direction on a successful implementation of the system. This entails the creation of controls and several changes in the structure of the organisation, and therefore our consultants will be there to guide all the employees of the organisation as well as the management of this transition. Once it has been implemented, we will be there to oversee preparations for the audit.


Our ISO Consultancy Services will have our expert ISO Consultants being there to assist you during the verification process. Because these professionals have been around for a long time and have had extensive industry experience, they will know what can occur during an ISO Audit and will help you through each step of the process.

The Best Chance for Certification in Dubai

If you are a fledgling company or one that is trying to grow, getting an ISO Standard Certification is a tremendous boost for you in all possible ways. Our consultancy services are inclusive, holistic, and most importantly customizable and tailored to the way you would want it done. At the end of the day, you will have the greatest chance of getting an ISO Certification in Dubai.

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