HACCP Certified

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) display set upon to be the committee devastating suitable major control points by the food and drug administrative agent.
HACCP is regarded as hazard analysis (HA) and critical control points (CCP). HA is to find the hazard elements and analyze the hazard processes and units. HACCP is to decide the sanitation control points to rectify the major hazard control points after identifying the hazard elements from material supply, manufacture, processing, preservation and dispensation to the end user consumption.

In other words, HACCP is a scientific food sanitation control system to affirm the safety and hygiene of food product by the effective and self-motivated hygiene control system. HACCP is the management system dealing with food safety through the following methods. Analysis and control of hazard elements from biological, chemical and physical perspectives. All food product life cycle is the object of HACCP beginning from material supply and food manufacturing to distribution and consumption.

Benefits of HACCP system

  • Sanitation control
  • Food production in sanitary manner
  • Concentration in the sanitation effort and effective control of food
  • Economic control of food products (Reduction of defective product and customer complaints)
  • Reliability in the food product
  • Safe and sanitary distribution of food product
  • Choice of sanitary food product through public certification
  • Prevention from the food hygiene problems
  • Effective response to RECALL and P/L
  • Export advantage
  • Advantageous inspection process
  • HACCP mark indication