CD – Committee draft
Certification – Assurance given by an Independent body that a product, service or system meets the requirements of a standard.
Code of conduct – Set of principles to be followed , involved in ISO work
Committee – a Technical Committee (TC), which make sure standards in a certain sector or industry is maintained or developed;
                       a Subcommittee (SC), which addresses a particular place  within a TC;
                       a Project Committee (PC), which calidad gel con el envio is made to develop a certain standard.
Council – Group that governs ISO functions. It consists of Officers, Chairs of CASCO, COPOLCO and DEVCO and 20 elected member bodies.
Delegate – Person nominated by National Body to represent the particular national position in the Technical Committee
Development track-  Timescale taken for developing a standard completely
  • accelerated (24 months),
  • default (36 months),
  • extended (48 months).