Foreign entity can completely own the company in Freezone. Freezones is a seperate zone. This location offers you 100% ownership of the company. Freezone is very popular in many countries.

Benefits of Business Setup in a Free Zone

• 100 % Tax-Free
• Import/Export
• 100 % Ownership
• High-Quality Labour
• Bank Account Opening
• Virtual Office and Warehouse Opening
• Strategic Locations
• Complete Repatriation of Investments and Profits
• State of the art infrastructure

You will be able to avail these three license types

Commercial License: All trading activities
Professional License : It covers all professional services
Industrial License : Manufacturing, processing business etc

What Exsolution can do for You

• Strategic insights based on your business
• Necessary documents for incorporation
• Approvals from government
• Other approvals
• Bank Account Opening
• Other activities required for business