ISO 17065 is an internationally recognized standard for the organizations that certify products. The standards set up a basis for the implementation of an effective and an accredited management system. The whole thing is based on objective testing principles. ISO 17065 is applicable to all organizations irrespective of the scale of their functioning and the location. It can also help them formulate effective regulations based on their convenience and without disturbing the working standards.

About Exsolutiongroup ISO 17065 ConsultancyISO-17065

Our organization Exsolutiongroup is one of the most reputed ISO 17065 consultancy services providers in Dubai, UAE. Our institution has helped many organizations in Dubai and many organizations from around the world in bagging this certificate in their first attempt. Our experience and expertise in this field have led to the successful achievement of ISO 17065 Certification for many organizations. We, at Exsolutiongroup, ensure the security of information of the clients and the details provided by them. We take very serious measures to stick to our word of keeping information discrete.

Benefits We Offer

When you are considering getting an ISO 17065 certification for your organization, think of Exsolutiongroup. We are known for our expertise and excellence, and we guarantee you that you will get the certificate the very first time you apply for it. Our operations are transparent and informative. We are reliable and efficient. Your organization will benefit in multiple ways if you team up with us at Exsolutiongroup.

We ensure quick and easy process. We, with our experience, make things easier for you and guide your organization to get the certification in a short while.
We have expert professionals who will take care of all the documentation, writing and development processes. Your organization just needs to follow our guidelines for which we will offer you continued assistance.
Your information is in safe hands. As mentioned earlier, we take care of your information very well. You can stay stress-free and focus on the training procedures.

How We Get You the ISO 17024 Certification

  • We begin by providing training to your staff and help them familiarize themselves with the implications of the certification and help in understanding why the system is being implemented and what their role in the process would be.
  • We prepare a Gap Analysis Report on the basis of the requirements of the standard, and we provide you with a detailed report to help you identify where you should focus your effort to improve quality.
  • We also train the higher management officials to make them aware of their responsibilities towards the organization to make things work.
  • We implement the process and check for problems and deviations and help you rectify them as soon as possible.
  • We will conduct an internal audit to check your readiness for the accreditation.
  • We then will conduct Management Review Meetings in the presence of the Higher Management to guide the organization for effective implementation on all the issues.
  • So, if your organization is looking for consultancy services to obtain an ISO 17065 accreditation, consider Exsolutiongroup. To get in touch with us, follow the link given below.