ISO 17025 is the quality standard established and published in 2005 for accreditation of calibration and testing laboratories. ISO 17025 focuses on two main aspects – Management requirements and technical requirements. Management requirements are concerned with the functioning and effectiveness of the quality management system. Whereas, Technical requirements are concerned with staff competence, equipment quality, accuracy of test reporting and calibration.

About Exsolutiongroup’s ISO 17025 Consultancy Services

iso-17025-ConsultationIf your organization is working as a calibration or testing laboratory and require the ISO 17025 accreditation, then your search ends with Exsolutiongroup. We are a team of professional ISO consultants in Dubai, UAE and have helped a large number of calibration and testing laboratories get the ISO 17025 accreditation in the first attempt itself. When you avail our services in your quest for ISO 17025 accreditation in Dubai, UAE, then you stand to enjoy the following benefits: –

  •  Enhanced efficiency and productivity in the overall operations.
  •  Improvement in levels of motivation, craftsmanship, and awareness regarding quality.
  •  Increased trust in the results of testing and calibration data from customers.
  •  Elimination of needs of retesting help is a significant cost and time savings.
  •  Better management and upkeep of equipment and records.
  •  Worldwide recognition and trust of customers.
  •  Competitive edge over non-accredited laboratories.
  •  Increased customer trust helps in boosting the market share significantly.

The process followed for ISO 17025 accreditation

With our transparent and fool-proof consultancy process, we ensure that you are able to get the necessary ISO 17025 accreditation without any hassles and in the first attempt itself. Following is the process that we follow to get the ISO 17025 accreditation for your organization:

  • In order to prepare a GAP report to identify the areas which need maximum work for your laboratory, we conduct a micro level survey for various essential parameters.
  • Thereafter, we will prepare all the essential documents as prescribed by the certification body for ISO 17025 certification.
  • We will then train your personnel including managerial personnel regarding the standards of ISO 17025. We will prepare detailed guidelines to ensure that all the necessary recommendations are correctly implemented throughout the organization.
  • Our consultants will then conduct internal audits to make sure that you are prepared for the accreditation.
  • After you have successfully received the ISO 17025 certification, we will make sure that the benefits you have gained from our recommendations stay with you for extended
  • If you also want to get your laboratory ISO 17025 accredited, then get in touch with us today and let us partner you in your quest. Call us now.