ISO 17024

ISO 17024 is an international standard defining parameter for a certification organization’s program for individuals. This standard was released by ISO in 2003 in order to synchronize the certification processes for individuals globally and build confidence in the bodies engaged in the process.

About Exsolutiongroup ISO 17024 Consultancy

Exsolutiongroup, being one of the premium ISO certification consultancies in Dubai, UAE, has helped a large number of businesses and professionals engaged in the certification process for individuals in procuring the coveted ISO 17024 certification for their organization. Our consultants have vast experience of working with a diverse range of clients from different geographical locations. We ensure that the benefits accumulated from our recommendations to procure ISO 17024 certification are long-lasting and meaningful. We leave no stone unturned to ensure the safety and integrity of the crucial information our clients share with us and have robust checks and security systems in place to ensure that.

Benefits we offer

If you or your organization are also engaged in the providing certification(s) to individuals and are looking for a reliable ISO 17024 consultant in Dubai, UAE, then your search ends with Exsolutiongroup. We are engaged in offering ISO 17024 consultancy to our clients from all over the world for last many years. When you choose us as your ISO 17024 consultants, you will enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • Get more business opportunities from clients all over the world.
  •  Improve the quality and aptitude of your workforce.
  •  Improved efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in your overall process   management
  •  Significant improvement in the level of motivation, co-operation, competence,   and quality awareness in your employees.
  •  Your organization would be recognized and accredited globally.
  •  Actual savings in term of money and time.
  •  Excellent control of your processes and activities throughout your organization.

How we get you the ISO 17024 certification

We follow a transparent and informative approach while handling your ISO 17024 certification application. Our years of expertise has enabled us with such knowledge that we assure you of getting the certification in the first attempt itself. Following is a brief overlay of steps we perform to get you the required ISO 17024 certification: –

  • We conduct a micro level survey of various performance parameters of your organization and then prepare a detailed GAP report to identify the areas where you are lacking.
  • We then help you with the preparation of all necessary documents required by the certification body.
  • All your employees and managers are trained as per standards of ISO 17024. We then ensure that the recommendations are effectively implemented to prepare you for the accreditation.
  • We also conduct internal audits to ensure that all your parameters are now up to the mark. Then a management review is also held.
  • Once your organization has received the accreditation, we offer long-term support to ensure that the benefits accrued from the recommendations are not wasted away.
  • If you are also interested in getting the ISO 17024 certification in Dubai, UAE, then get in touch with us now. Click here for more information.