Dubai South is one of the most ambitious projects ever conceived, not just by the government of Dubai, but anywhere else in the world. The Dubai South is a long-term investment that is built to reach its complete operational capacity by the time the Dubai Expo 2020 arrives. This grand ambitious project comes with many incentives for businesses who are trying to find the right location to invest their fledgling business in. One of the grandest projects ever undertaken, the Al Maktoum International Airport is found in the midst of this location.

Indeed the location is divided into three distinct regions where there are different rules which are applied.

The Aviation District: This is where you can establish yourselves if you are an industry that is dealing in the aviation business. You can establish your business here whether you are in manufacturing, training, maintenance, R & D, design, and consultancy, or any area whatsoever, as long as it is related to the aviation industry, you will find a place here to settle your business ambitions.

The Logistics District: As Dubai South is connected to all the major locations in the rest of the UAE through the land corridor, and to all the major trading hubs in the rest of the world through air and sea, it is the best place for logistics. If you are looking to facilitate such a business, then this is the probably the best place in the world for you to start up your company.

FreeZone Business Park: This is located near the entrance of Dubai South and is a location where you will be able to operate your business by settling in locations where there is state of the art technology and offices that are leased out at extremely competitive rates for companies who want to establish their business as Free Zones over here.

The enormity of the project can be confirmed by the fact that it is estimated by the government that the place will be home to over a million people here by the time it completely finished and will be able to provide employment to 500,000. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed said that it is going to set the benchmark for the rest of the Emirates.

If you are looking to get your business setup here in Dubai South, here are the benefits you will receive:

  • 100 % Tax-Free
  • Commercial Leases
  • Competitive Rates
  • 100 % Ownership
  • State of the art office spaces
  • Access to the Al Maktoum Airport
  • High-Quality Work Resources