During this time of incessant cybercrimes being committed, it is becoming an imperative for you to become safe from all kinds of cybercrime by having yourself a system to protect you because of your confidential information, as well as that of your customer’s, is on the line. This has made the ISO 27001, the information security system to be more prevalent in the business circuit, and ISO Dubai firms will help you get your business certified with this standard.

Cyber-Security-2ISO Dubai firms will help those companies who deal directly with information security storage and those companies who are indirectly connected to the storage of security and other things. Now it is an imperative to offer safe and secure information security for specific sectors of the industry so that the system in customized for them. Industries such as infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, and finance are all separate and will require their own individual type of information security systems.

There have been several new frameworks developed that will give a way for iso-27001-logodevelopers of standards and ISO Dubai firms to incorporate new developments in the existing clauses of the ISO 27001 Standards so that it will take into account the differences that exist between varying sectors. The ISO 27009 otherwise called “sector-specific application of ISO/IEC 27001: is created expressly for this purpose and to assist the development of industry specific variations of the ISO 27001. Already several ISO Dubai firms can help you get certified.

The fact is that ISO 27001 is the common language for information security in the world, and the time is due to increase the vocabulary of this language, and in creating a standard that will be able to attune to industry specific requirements, there is a greater scope for effective information security management system to be deployed in the process and ISO Dubai firms are at the way for you to get to know about the standards.


There have already been several industry-specific standards that have been developed so far: the ISO 27011 has been developed to aid those companies who are in the telecom sector, the ISO 27017 has been developed for cloud computing, and the ISO 27019 has been developed for the energy sector and have been seeing widespread usage in those specific industries.

iso 27001 2013These standards are, of course, specific controls that have been developed for industries. Now, it is more than clear than ever before that development of such standards requires a harmonized approach so as to avoid the incidents of a fake standard being developed. ISO Dubai firms are having exclusive knowledge about these specific standards and can have you certified with the authentic versions of standards that will give you an advantage.

The ISO 27009 has created the precedent for the creation of future such standard iso 27009variation for all the standards in the ISO canon and not just ISO 27001. With the standard coming into more prominence, it is now possible for not only the development of new standards but also for the revision of the existing standards, so that newer developments can easily be integrated into the standard. This is quite important so because as everyone is aware, the pace at which technology is progressing is more rapid than ever, and to keep up with it will require a tremendous amount of research and integration of the latest facts.

The upside of such a thing is that ISO Dubai firms will have it ready for you, whenever you need to get a certification of the ISO 27001. But, you should never be complacent and keep your guard down, because there is no telling when the hackers are going to come and from where. In this age of virtual reality and augmented reality, the role that information security system has been made far more significant and for people to create an impenetrable security apparatus, they will definitely to get certified with the ISO 27001 or its many variants from ISO Dubai firms.