Sharjah, a booming emirate in the United Arab Emirates, offers new avenues of progress implemented regularly by its government. Business setup in Sharjah mainland is ideal for service-oriented sectors as well as industrial sectors. Sharjah is valued as a strategic location that connects major trading zones and is a cost-effective way to commercialise your business activity.

Company formation in Sharjah mainland with Global Corporate Business Advisors is economical and has the least administrative procedures. Our business setup consultants in Sharjah sort everything out for you, which makes starting a business in Sharjah extremely simple and convenient. At Global Corporate Business Advisors, we assist multinational companies as well as small and medium enterprises (SME) with getting their business licenses in Sharjah.

Free Zone Company Formation in Sharjah

The Sharjah Airport Free Zone was established in 1995 and have grown onto become one of the premier business destinations in the UAE. Its located at the Sharjah International Airport and now there are more than 2900 companies operating in the Free Zone.

The Sharjah International Airport Free Zone has come into the spotlight with its attractive cost for business setup services and the emphasis on industrialization have made it grow at a rate of 12% annually.

Being located at the cross roads of major networks, the Free Zone provides access to all these trade networks and acts a link to markets to both in the east and the west. You can get access to all these trade networks and acts a link to markets to both in the east and the west. You can get access to customers from multiple regions such as the GCC, the Indian subcontinent, CIS and several African nations.

The SAIF Free Zone is ISO 9001 Certified and is the world’s first airport to have achieved this. It is one of the world’s best airports in terms of cargo operations, 29th in fact, and is the cargo hub in the Middle East for Lufthansa. The SAIF Free zone is constantly upgrading the various infrastructures and value added services, the technical expertise and the state of the art facilities.

Licenses Available for Business Setup Services in Sharjah in SAIF Zone

There are several licenses available for investors in the SAIF – Zone

  • Commercial License
  • General Trading License
  • Industrial License (This will require clearance from SAIF – Zone Health and Environmental Department)
  • Service License (Some services can be disallowed by the concerned authorities, but mostly all services are permissible)

Advantages of Company Setup in Sharjah SAIF Zone

  • The strategic location in the crossroads of trade routes from east and west.
  • Property and Management Leases, and the competitive fee structure.
  • Skilled Work force with attract wage rates.
  • Visa and sponsorship for the staff.
  • Access to sea routes and ports in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.
  • Access to the air networks through the Sharjah International Airport.
  • Access to capital and international banks.
Company set up in Sharjah

Company setup in Sharjah

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