Onshore and offshore sectors dominate the UAE economy. The difference between these two is that offshore industries contain free zones that bring foreign investment. And onshore sectors put restrictions on foreign ownership and take care of local business interests.

Being one of the top Capital cities to do business in, Dubai’s success continue to inspire people, making it one of the most preferred destinations for global expats which now stand at more than two million. It is the choice for local and international organizations because of its strategic location, world class infrastructures, diversified and easily accessible market offering low logistics and operational cost.

Benefits for Business setup in Dubai

Here are some other benefits which can also be considered as the best reasons for Business setup in Dubai:

  1. No limitations in getting employment visas
  2. Easier recruitment processes
  3. Permission to rent office anywhere
  4. Higher opportunities to expand your business
  5. Lower minimum capital requirement restrictions
  6. Manageable company setup costs
  7. Lower restrictions on legal documents processing
  8. Lower import duty
  9. Affordable office space with flexible lease or renting options
  10. Permission to undertake projects by government

 Mainland Company setup in Dubai, UAE

UAE Mainland is home to numerous large multi-national companies, small and medium companies, retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, and more. Brands around the world are looking for an opportunity to tap into the mainland of UAE. Mainland Company Registration in UAE is one of the most sought-after business investment by investors to actively reach out to the multicultural audience and expand to the local UAE markets. Following are the major company structures in the Mainland of UAE.

Free-zone Company setup in Dubai, UAE

Free-zones are the most sought after locations for Company formation in UAE. Free zones offer direct investment for foreign investors as their policies are to generate employments to support economic reforms. Free zone company registration can be highly profitable to consider. Major reasons to consider this type of business setup in Dubai are:

  • 100% ownership, no local investor requirements
  • Tax exemption
  • Higher growth potential
  • Established network for transport
  • Large customer base
  • High-quality labour
  • Affordable office setup costs
  • Customs privileges

Offshore Company setup in Dubai, UAE

An offshore company is one which is established outside of the country of residence and is located inside of an Offshore Financial Centre. Offshore companies are conceived because they are inherently providing several tax benefits. Either there is low tax or no tax at all. These companies are imposed restrictions related to the amount of trade that they can do and cannot trade with in the offshore jurisdictions. All offshore companies are to follow the offshore company laws and regulations.

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