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Even though getting an ISO Certification is the best way to realise the potential of your company, there are those who are often very informed about the certification process and the audit, and come up with the wrong ideas to prepare for it. These mistakes can be extremely frustrating because you might have spent a lot of time and resources for coming up with the right strategy and then to find yourself rejected will be a devastating blow to your morale as well as the morale of your employees. Therefore, it is an imperative to be aware of the common mistakes that companies make while trying to ISO Certification in Dubai.

  1. Documentation Mistakes: This mistake is related to the piling up of all documents, instead of selecting and creating the necessary documents. iso certification in dubai 1There is a misconception that ISO Certification Process simply involves getting documents and showing it to the auditor, and they shift focus away from the operations and processes that are the actual target of the audit.


Indeed there should be documentation created only related to all the operations and processes and not unnecessary information that has nothing to do with the ISO Standard. This standard is not a cinch, it is based on time and tested quality management principles that cater to every aspect of a business operation and process with checks to see any deviation from the standard. So, it goes without saying that there should be a perfect documentation strategy.

iso certification in dubai 22. Inauthentic Implementation: There are discrepancies between those activities which are happening on the ground which are totally ignored in favour of focusing on the operations and processes that are under the audit of the ISO Certification Body. In this scenario, there is only a temporary and inauthentic concern the operations and process which are only related to the ISO Standard.

What happens then is a total disregard for other ground processes, which are tied intricately to the actual real processes taking place in the factory. When the company decide to implement the ISO Standard, they only consider those processes which come under the purview of the ISO Certification. This leads to a scenario where the certification might be given, but there the quality of processes and operations will be the same.

iso certification in dubai 33.The Wrong Implementation Team: Often what happens in a company is that the ones with the influence will probably be the ones who are chosen as the implementation team, instead of it being the ones who are actually capable of doing it.

This unfavourable selection of the ones with the most influence over the ones with the actual skills will lead to a feeling of indignation from the other members which will be counterproductive to the success of the business.

4. Management Commitment: The ISO Certification Project is the initiative of the company and the senior management team, and the give the goiso certification in dubai ahead for the certification process. But this is where most of them will find the work cumbersome and the intensity of the effort wanes down.

To have a successful ISO Audit, the management itself has to show the uncompromising support to the team, and this level of support will eventually feed into the lower levels, and this will get translated into actual work and progress and this will reach a culmination with your company being certified with the ISO Certification.

5. Wrong Certification Body – The mistake committed here is to hire a certification body that is not really interested in the quality of the operation and the processes but instead just want to get your money.

The ISO Standard iso certification in dubai 5does not certify organisations directly, but instead they accredit certification bodies, these bodies are not always necessarily going to be genuine organisations.

This shady certification organisation would not hesitate to bend the rules, and give you the certification if you’re willing to give them the cash that they so desperately require, but in the process, you will be sacrificing your integrity and that will set you on a path of ruin.

But most of all, the biggest mistake that most of these companies make is the issue of not knowing the real reason for getting the ISO Certification in the first place. For most of them it is reputation issue and they are generally concerned about the continuing improvement of every single aspect of their business operations. Because of this lack of conviction, most companies will do a sub-standard job of abiding by the ISO Standards. For anyone who wants to get the ISO Certification, they need to know what they are getting into.


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