Certified companies are those companies that are more focused on improving the quality of products and services. They help us to find out the faults in the working of the company. Once the faults are found, they help us to bring solution  to the problem. They target on improving the quality of the product. All organization can apply for ISO certification. ISO certification helps to attain, trust from suppliers, clients and workers in the organization. When third party visits the company for certification, the companies can help the organization to attain certification.

ISO represents International Organization for Standardization. ISO in Greek means “Equal”. ISO has a network  institutes  in 157 countries. It’s Central Secretariat is  in Geneva (Switzerland). It was established on February 23, 1947. ISO is a non-governmental organization. It deals with the worlds largest developer of International standards. It acts has a bridge between public and private sector. ISO has published 22306 International Standards and related documents. It covers almost every industry, from technology to food safety, to agriculture and healthcare.


1) World wide businessISO certification gives you an advantage of developing your business internationally

2) Improves branding: ISO certification helps to improve the branding of the company, due to its  enhance quality of products and services.

3) Increase Business effectivenessISO certification institutes gives assistance to develop SOP’s & work Instructions for all processes. ISO implementations helps you to manage the whole system efficiently.

4) Government tenders: Government wants ISO certification for government tenders

5) Product quality is met: Focus on product quality is the primary motive of the company with ISO certification. It reduces the flaw in the product or services

6) Client/ Consumer Satisfaction: ISO standards meet customer requirements and hence customer satisfaction is met. Customer satisfaction increase the brand awareness of the product.