There are plenty of advantages that you will be able to avail if you were to set up your in one of Dubai’s free zones, and the purview of this article is to give an idea of the business setup services in Dubai and how setting up a business in the Free Zone will enable you to start off your business in the right direction. Fortunately for you, there are so many Free Zones to choose from. And each of these free zones has their own unique perks that you can avail. But here are some of the general perks that you will be able to get:

Foreign Ownership: Within Free Zones, you are able to get 100% foreign ownership, which means unlike other areas you don’t have to have a local partner who will more than 51% per cent of the stake of your company.

Exemption from Taxes and Duty: Another perk of being in a Free Zone is that you will not subject to a ridiculous amount of taxes, and instead you will be liable to pay a very few. You can be completely exempted from corporate, personal gain, or the income taxes. Moreover, there will be no duties on import or export.

Workforce and Recruitment: The workforces who are functioning inside of the Free Zones are fairly cheaper than all the others, and indeed, it is something that most new business can benefit from. The recruitment forces will produce really qualified professionals who will be able to get you ahead.

Transportation Links: The Free Zones will be able to provide you with the essential routes via air, land and seas so that it is possible for you to take your business to farther places and get all the resources so that it is best for business setup services in Dubai.

Facilities: Being in a Free zone, you can have so many facilities for offer. These Free Zones will further give you incentive to stay there by having office spaces and other specialised facilities such as warehouses and others to incite permanent stay. Furthermore, you will be able to get an abundant and an inexpensive energy, not to mention the favourable cost of living.

Other Perks: You will be able to get several restrictions withdrawn when you are inside the Free Zones, such as the one that is imposed on the currencies and the restriction on free exchange. This will become completely obsolete within the Free Zones as it allows free flowing.

The Jebel Ali Free Zone is the first zone that was creation business setup services in Dubai, and it served as the template for all the others free zones that came up. Moreover, the Jebel Ali’s great expansion and economic growth directly inspired the popping up of other Free Zones in all the other Emirates.

The Dubai free zones are perfect, and with business setup services in Dubai, you will be able to get yourself a place in the Free Zones, but what exactly will you be able to do in a Free Zone? Well, in a Free Zone like this, you will be doing a lot of importing, exporting, processing, manufacturing, consolidation, packaging, distribution, assembling, logistics and storage.

Similarly, the healthcare city will be able to serve as a hub for all business related to healthcare; the media city will be one which will be able to deal in broadcasting, public relations and advertising; the Internet City will be one which will web services, software development and other IT  Services.

After reading all of these, you might wonder what are the things that you need to consider when choosing a particular Free Zone. Well, here they are:

  • The Location
  • The Infrastructure and Facilities
  • The prestige of the zone
  • The cost and the hidden charges

Of course, trying to handle all of them at the same time is quite a telling task, that is why you would be much better off if you were to have business setup services in Dubai.