Business Excellence (BE) is about developing and strengthening the management systems and processes of an organization to improve performance and create value for stakeholders. BE is much more than having a quality system in place. BE is about achieving excellence in everything that an organization does (including leadership, strategy, customer focus, information management, people and processes) and most importantly achieving superior business results.

When was the last time you critically analyzed your organization’s performance? How has your organization been performing for the last three (3) years? Is your organization a leader or a laggard? Or do you not know how your organization compares against others? Do you even know what you should be measuring?

ExSolution Consultancy helps you in your journey of Excellence, thorugh various excellence models and award criteria.

Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award/ Model1111

The EFQM Model
Its structure is based on the simple but powerful logic of asking three questions:


“Why” does this organisation exist? What purpose does it fulfil? Why this particular Strategy…

“How” does it intend to deliver on its Purpose and its Strategy…

“What” has it actually achieved to date? “What” does it intend to achieve tomorrow…


The Baldrige Crtiteria



Benefits of Business Excellence Use
• enhanced innovation and idea generation,
• increased customer satisfaction,
• organisational growth (employees),
• increased employee satisfaction and involvement,
• improved efficiency and effectiveness, and.
• product reliability.