If you are your company’s cyber specialist, then you know you would feel handicapped without an ISO 27001 Certification. It is the hallmark of a safe and secure information management system and when you are not having that in your company, then you would feel inadequate. But of course, this would mean that you have to convince your management that such a program is indeed worthy of being funded.

iso 27001

Management would be reluctant to pull up the funds for an ISO 27001 Certification, after all for them; it is a matter of profits. They will require a good bit of persuasion for the final go ahead. They will need to be assured that it is indeed a guaranteed return on investment. There are many benefits of course, but here are some of the most important ones that you should try and emphasise, when you do give your presentation to the management on why the ISO 27001 should be acquired.


What often will motivate someone to go and get certified with the ISO 27001 is the fact that their business will require some sort of compliance with the law, who in turn insist that companies follow the highest international standards which happen to be ISO 27001 in the field of cybersecurity.

Marketing Advantage

In a market where the competition keeps getting stiffer every single minute, you will need something that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors, and in this case, this is the  ISO 27001, which will reassure your clients and potential ones that you are a company who are having a well-built foundation and who will help you

Lowers the Costs

These are preventive costs, costs incurred by data leakages and cyber-attacks, which as demonstrated by the recent WannaCry attacks are going to be enormous. Of course, there isn’t a precise way to calculate the costs that you will be able to save, but as a company utilising the cyber realm heavily, you will need to be secured anyway for any potential attacks.

Creating a proper system

Of course, when you are a company that is beginning to grow at a steady pace, you are going to have to do with scalability and the integration of new services and such which will cause problems on how to divide the responsibilities and who will take charge of which part of the system. But when you adhere to the management system of an ISO standard, you will be able to define tasks and responsibilities in a proper manner and one which will ensure the smooth functioning of the organisation.