ISO certification in UAE generates tremendous business opportunities that enable perpetual growth and progress. Exsolution group is one of the best in class ISO certification consultancy in the UAE. Our Consultants are well versed in all the ISO Standards and will provide you with insight into all steps to get ISO certification. We provide you with ISO Consultancy Services, ISO Training, and Business Setup Services in the UAE.

While looking for ISO certification, there arise many questions like: How do I get ISO Quality Certified? What are the benefits of the ISO Certification Process? Which is the best approved top most recommended ISO certification consultancy?

Exsolution Group will help those who aim to obtain ISO certification. Similarly, lead those businesses who strive to maintain their status and excellence standards. Here, we will elaborate the 5 steps that everyone must take to get their ISO certification in the UAE

Firstly, focus on your requirement

ISO Certification is crucial for every single company. Because of unique reasons each organization wants to get ISO Standard Certified. For instance you may need a change in the general customer satisfaction or to rake up the profits, perhaps you would like to just have the reputation of being certified with an ISO Standard. The ISO certification process really benefits each organization to follow a system that helps to achieve the organizational goal.

Secondly, complete documentation customized to both your goals and the standard

To get the documentation tailored to both your goals and the standard, you must have ISO Certification in Quality Manual. It facilitates clear communication of information, and serves as a framework for meeting quality system requirements. Furthermore, your efforts will get results with an effective quality manual. This step is a basic one that will have strong repercussions. A proper quality manual enables you to right implementation. On other hand, you would end up with a substandard management system. Once the Quality Manual gets drafted and completed in every detail, you can begin the implementation.

Thirdly, provide training to employees

It is necessary to train and inform employees about how their particular job is going to be affected once the new rules come into force. You will have to train your company employees so that it is possible to adapt to the changes that will come in. In short, they must be informed and prepared about how to make the changes. Moreover, it is essential to make the employees comfortable.

Fourthly find a certification body

Finding a certification body is one of the most important tasks to get proper consulting service for ISO certification. After finishing your implementation of the ISO Standard QMS, you will have it audited, and then only will you get the certification. The ISO certification process will require a certification body that is suitable with your organization. Moreover, you will need to get the right auditor who has experience in the particular industry that you are operating in; otherwise, there would not be a proper audit.

Exsolution Group is the most committed ISO consultants in UAE assuring you the best chance of being awarded the certificate in the least amount of time. We will work with you during the course of the audit and will clear any doubts and queries. So that you can conduct a great audit that leads to your desired ISO Certification.

Fifthly, scheduling the audit

Mock audit is a good rule of thumb to have the auditing start as a test before scheduling the audit. It is necessary to test the newly implemented management system of the ISO Standard. A company should ideally have 2 or 3 months of experience in testing out before they should go and have the certification audit if they want to get a clear picture of how the new system works. Therefore it would help you a lot if you were to get a final internal audit and management review before the actual audit. It allows you to revamp the business processes, while not compromising to both your goals and the standard.


All your efforts will help you remain on track with the certificate. Striving for certification, you have to be ready for the actual audit, which you can specify to the certification body to come and inspect your management system. The internal audit will make the auditor in the capacity of  the final auditor. So that you can answer them in earnest.

Once you have certified ISO, then it is time for you to market the certification so that it is possible to attract more investors and customers. The ISO hallmark, and for any small or medium sized company, it is a boon that they can for various purposes. You can go for a press release announcing the certification. You can take benefit from signs on your advertisements and billboards. In addition, you may place the banner outside of your office as an ISO Certified company. Besides you can use it to gain the positive favor of your employees. Completing these steps – will help you get an ISO Certification quite easily, and can bring great changes to your entire organization.

ISO Certification in UAE

Companies are booming in the UAE. No doubt that foreign business sees huge opportunities there and scale up to succeed. In fact, almost all sectors are ripe for growth. This is because of the entire way of life of the UAE. The Emirate opens great prospects and opportunities for further creation and development of the successful business.

Why is the UAE attractive for business setup?

The United Arab Emirates is popular for the setting up of numerous businesses or making larger the existing ones. Here are the key reasons

  • Minimal crime rate
  • Minimal taxation
  • Stability of the current national currency
  • Commercial, as well as residential properties, are available for purchasing and renting
  • Perfectly organized infrastructure

The Emirate is already powered by tomorrow’s focus on creating economic opportunities for people. Also offers business opportunities to enterprises of all sizes, in other words, it has a hospitable business climate.

Exsolution is providing excellent services in the list of ISO Certification Consultants Companies and Services. We thrive to be the best in the industry and have led many organisations to flourish without ever having to worry about obtaining ISO certification. With the right kind of assistance, providers and guidance, certification is simply a breeze.

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