To get ISO Certified in Dubai and the UAE, you will need to change the way your company functions. But to make the transition easier, you can follow some key steps that will help you get clarity and choose the best path for you to get certified. Every ISO certification is unique, but these steps will make you understand the key fundamentals behind a successful ISO Certification in Dubai.
1. Focus on what you want
Every single company would have their own unique reasons for wanting to get ISO Standard Certified. There is no exception in your case as well; therefore it is an imperative for you to articulate the thing that you want to see changed the most. Whether what you want is a change in the general customer satisfaction or to rake up the profits, perhaps you would like to just have the reputation of being certified with an ISO Standard, the goal doing all of this should be there when you go into ISO Certification Process, although the last reason should never be the focus but a happy consequence of getting certified.
2. Get the documentation tailored to both your goals and the standard
One of the basic documentation that you must have for you to get ISO Certification is the Quality Manual. Without the quality manual, your efforts will all be in vain. This step is a basic one that will have strong repercussions. Without a proper quality manual by your side, your implementation would be misdirected and consequently, you would end up with a substandard management system. Once the Quality Manual has been carefully drafted and consummated, you can begin the implementation.
3. Training
You will have to train your company employees so that it is possible for them to adjust to the system that is going to come in. Training is not strictly equally distributed, as some sections will have to be trained about every single aspect of quality management of the ISO Standard. While some sections of the ISO Standard have to be known to everyone, but most of the employees would only have to be imbued with the information about how their particular job is going to be affected once the new rules come into force.
4. Finding a certification body
This is one of the most important steps that you should take to get the most out of the ISO Standard. Once you’ve finished with your implementation of the ISO Standard QMS, you will have to it audited, and then only will you get the certification. This certification process will require a certification body that is compatible with your organization. Moreover, you will need to get the right auditor who has experience in the particular industry that you are operating in; otherwise, there would not be a proper audit. The ideal ISO certification body will work with you during the course of the audit and will clear any doubts and queries that you may have so that you can a great audit that will fetch your desired ISO Certification.
5. Scheduling the Audit
Before you go for the audit, you need to prepare by having mock audits of your and testing the newly implemented management system of the ISO  Standard. A company should ideally have 2 or 3 months of experience in testing out before they should go and have the certification audit if they want to get a clear picture of how the new system works. Just a few weeks before the actual date of the audit, it would help you a lot if you were to get a final internal audit and management review so that every single aspect can be fine-tuned and prepped for the fated certification audit.
This is the process that transpires in every attempt of getting certified with an ISO Standard in Dubai, UAE.