ISO 9001 Certification


There are several good reasons for you to get ISO 9001 Certification. The purview of this article is to show you the many reasons why you will get the ISO 9001 Certification.

To Meet the Customer Requirements

Often a company would want to get an ISO 9001 Certification just to meet a specific customer requirement, and only for that. Customers will demand that in order to choose the service that a company provides it will need to get ISO 9001 certified, and this is often why they would get ISO 9001 Certified. This shouldn’t be the only reason for getting the ISO 9001 Certification. For you to get the full benefit of the certification, you must fully embrace every aspect of it instead of hurrying past just to get the ISO 9001 document. Once you integrate the QMS perfectly, then you will see that there will be a significant difference in terms of your business process but especially customer satisfaction.

More Business and More Revenue

Once you have properly integrated the QMS prescribed by the ISO 9001 Standard then you will confident of expanding your business and capturing more market share. The fact that you have got the ISO 9001 Certification will increase your reputation among the potential customers and companies who would have wanted ISO 9001 as a prerequisite. There will be new opportunities that were not there before.

Company and Product Quality

Like said before, the QMS of the ISO 9001 will require you to comply with all the different principle that is inside the QMS> The ISO 9001 will be able to give you all the advantages over the others because of a superiority of the products and services that are churned out of your company. The company that has completely integrated the QMS will be able to get the create products and services that are inherently superior to the because of the QMS.

Customer Satisfaction

The customers will be completely satisfied with the product because the ISO 9010 Standard has imbued within it the clauses that will make sure that the company is restructured according to a way where the customer’s satisfaction and requirements are emphasised over others factors. This is why The ISO 9001 Certification, especially in its latest Avatar, enforces the idea of customer satisfaction being a primary drive for qualitative production.

A more Comprehensive Understanding of the Business Processes

The QMS embedded inside the ISO 9001 Standard will require you to identify and describe the business process that you have in your organisation in the jargon of business metrics so that it is possible for you to manage and better control the business. The objective of these metrics is to comprehend and disseminate information on your performances in relation to the quality objective that you had set for it.

Company Culture and Employee Morale

The ISO 9010 Standard with the Quality Management System will empower your employees to a great extent because of the clarity that the standard brings into your organisation. There will be clear-cut objective to work towards and coherent job descriptions. You will also be provided with the tools to your job and a feedback mechanism in the form of metrics that will show them how much their effort paid off. Once all of this is in place, there will be a company culture and significantly boosted employee morale.

Consistency in Product

Consistency in product refers how often there is consistency in the quality of the product as opposed how many times the product or the services was erratic and awry.  A pre-defined product must abide by its features so that the customer expectations are fulfilled with regard to their quality and their function. When customers receive the products and services with too many variations then it is they will be discontent. With the help of the ISO 9001 Standard and its inherent QMS, you will be able to get the consistency required before you would be working towards an objective which will yield results that you can categorise into measurable metrics and then implement changes and adjust the process so as to maintain consistency throughout.


It is important to have focused on the business over a long period of time, and the usually the right combination of management, employees as well as having the right objectives metrics and procedures should ensure that the company stays focused. However, this is not always the case. To be completely in focus and maintain progress, there needs to periodic auditing. There need to be internal audits, registration audits, and self-process audits. These audits will ensure that there is quality feedback that will usher in the changes necessary to keep the company back into focus.

Efficiency, Waste and Monetary Gains

The ISO 9001 QMS is not necessary a perfect standard but it does have the capacity to make the best out of your company. The continual improvement clause makes sure that you are progressive to the new standards of quality and complying then within the context of the standard. The standard allows for greater efficiency and reduced waste. Waste when you employ inefficient methods and churn out products and services that are extremely inconsistent then there will be wastage. When you are employing the ISO 9001 certification then you are using efficient methods to reduce variation and improve consistently, and consequently, you will see that there will be less waste and significantly greater revenue.

International Recognition

The ISO 9001 is administered by the International Organisation for Standardization and it is the most coveted of their standards and currently being used by millions of different organisations around the world. It has become the hallmark of quality and when you use it, you will be tremendous international recognition for your company.