TPM- Total Preventive Maintenance- Training and Project Management TQM

Maintenance is one of the key aspects of any organization. Through TPM one can avoid unexpected interrupts to production thereby avoiding unscheduled maintenance issues.

TPM/ Total Preventive Maintenance is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance striving to achieve perfect production through No Breakdowns, Slow Running of websites/pages, and No defects. It reduces the distinction between production and maintenance to empower operators maintains their equipment.

What are the 7 Elements of Preventive Maintenance?

  • Asset Inventory. Preventive maintenance is an excellent strategy for keeping critical assets in good working condition.
  • Asset Prioritization.
  • PM Schedule.
  • CMMS Software.
  • Team Communication.
  • Preventive Maintenance Plan Goals and KPIs.
  • Upper-Management Support.

Exsolutions Consultancy Group provides a gist on professional quality trainings on Preventive Maintenance focusing on the fact that maintenance is an essential need. Our training materials of Preventive maintenance have:

  • Professional appearance and is user-friendly.
  • Available before/during/after class to reinforce the learning process.
  • Easy to access options.

Training through TPM at Exsolutions Consultancy Group

Trainings in TPM helps users gain new skills to change industries, up-skill to remain competitive and deepen their skills to adapt to the changes. We provide adequate skills training to prune professionals in avoiding unscheduled maintenance issues.

Besides, we also give training in areas where one falls short of knowledge in production leading to unavoidable interruptions.

Project Management @ Exsolutions Consultancy Group for Preventive Maintenance

A proper project management schedule undergoes certain precautionary measures to be considered. Quite often, this process is implemented by one of our expert project management executives who provide relevant guidance, project schedules and maintainable plans.

Our belief is to plan out a detailed project management objective that highlights the importance of project management using preventive maintenance. Our project managers help you deliver quality deliverables on time and with precision.