An offshore company is an entity formed outside the country where its main operations are carried out. The term ‘offshore’ means that the company acts as a non-resident where it is formed or incorporated. Offshore companies are conceived because they are inherently providing several tax benefits. Either there is low tax or no tax at all. These companies are imposed restrictions related to the amount of trade that they can do cannot trade within the offshore jurisdictions. All offshore companies are to follow the offshore company laws and regulations. An offshore company is one which is established outside of the country of residence and is located inside of an Offshore Financial Centre.

Offshore companies are used for i) international trading ii) holding company iii) shipping company iv) owing real estate v) registering copyright and patents and vi) international consulting services;

Reasons to form an off shore company

  • Asset Protection
  • Confidentiality, Anonymity, and Privacy Protection
  • Accountant Costs
  • Able to conduct international business
  • Corporate bank account
  • Financial Diversification
  • Flexible Business Laws and Protection from Lawsuits

Advantages of an Offshore Company in UAE

  • It gives you a good image to the client
  • There exists no public register of shareholders and directors.
  • Quick to Incorporate
  • No Capital Gains, Company or income tax
  • Simple reporting and regulatory
  • Privacy for Corporate Information
  • Own Investments

5 Easy Steps to UAE Company Formation

  1. Contact the Consultancy
  2. Select your Company Type
  3. Get a License Notification
  4. Rapid Bank Account Opening
  5. Visa Processing & Stamping

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